Bio-Based Emulsifiable Asphalt Release Agent

Multi-purpose water emulsifiable asphalt release and mold release agent.  Bio-derived formula provides lubrication and release properties on a broad range of surfaces using a blend of heat resistant, and environmentally friendly bio-degradable oils. This formulation has been formulated with a robust surfactant package which allow it to be emulsified with water if desired. This unique emulsifiable formulation prevents the build-up of asphalt mixes on truck beds as well as wax, film, rubber, adhesives, tar, and many other substances. Suitable for asphalt trucks, presses, stamping machines, concrete forming, preventing accumulation on tools, and dozens of other release applications.

  • Provides short-term lubrication and corrosion protection to metal surfaces
  • Operating temp 46°F to 120°F, freeze-thaw stable
  • Contains 100% active bio-derived lubricants
  • No harsh acids, phosphates, or distillates
  • Low viscosity, even at low temperatures
  • Provides a clean, sharp release

Apply with the Acid-Airless 2-Way Foamer - For Light Duty, use the Navy Blue 1:20 metering tip.  For Heavy Duty, use the Orange 1:5 metering tip.

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