Red Plastic Extension Straws

Tip extension tubes for aerosol lubricants, solvents, cleaners, and penetrating oils.  Extended length provides controlled pin-point application in hard to reach areas.

  • 5" length, red color, flexible, solvent-resistant
  • Universal size fits most aerosol nozzles that have a straw orifice

Compatable with the following Momar Aerosols:

  • A.S.A.P. Aerosol
  • Assassin Aerosol
  • BCS-5 Aerosol
  • Brake-Eze Aerosol
  • C.C. Slider Aerosol
  • Carb Clean Aerosol
  • Citra Force Aerosol
  • Citra-Soy Aerosol
  • Cool-Kut Aerosol
  • Cryo-Cracker Aerosol
  • Dry-Lon Aerosol
  • Foam-Away Aerosol
  • Frosty Aerosol
  • General Gel Aerosol
  • Ivory-Sol Aerosol
  • LVBCS-5 Aerosl
  • On Board Aerosol
  • On the Double Aerosol
  • Outa-Sight Aerosol
  • Preserv-It Aerosol
  • Quik Clean Aerosol
  • Safcircuit Aerosol
  • Silicone Spray Aerosol
  • Speedy Solv Aerosol
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