Concentrated, Non-Selective Turf and Aquatic Weed Killer

A contact, non-selective, diquat dibromide vegetation killer for use on terrestrial and aquatic applications.  Controls grasses, broadleaf weeds, algae, and aquatic weeds.  Works on contact through the leaves of all types of vegetation.  Effective on aquatic weeds - kills algae, bladderwort, coontail, elodea, naiad, pondweed, watermilfoil, water lettuce, water hyacinth, salvinia, pennywort, duckweed, cattails, and other aquatic vegetation.  Effective on terrestrial weeds – kills broadleaf weeds and grasses.  Designed for use around buildings, fence lines, drainage ditches, and especially in and around bodies of water where other herbicides are prohibited.  Non-leaching -- works through the leaves and is inactivated immediately upon contact with the soil so it doesn't build up in the soil or become toxic at a later date.

  • Dilutes 1:20 - 1:40 with water for terrestrial applications
  • Treatment rates of 0.5 - 1.5 ppm for algae applications
  • 1 undiluted gallon treats 5 - 20 surface acres for aquatic applications
  • Contains 4.35% diquat dibromide (2.5X more concentrated than Edger)
  • Rapid-killing -- wilting is visible in just a few days, fastest on sunny days
  • EPA# 10088-98-1553
Item Designations:
EPA Registered Pesticide or Minimum Risk Pesticide   

DEAD ZONE is prohibited for sale into states that are not listed below until it is registered with the appropriate state agency. See your Momar Representative or contact us for more information.

DEAD ZONE is EPA registered for sale in the following states:
GA , SC , TX , VA