Bio-Enzymatic Decarbonizer, Digesting Cleaner & Degreaser, and Emergency Spill Control

Natural-powered, hydrocarbon-encapsulating, grease-cutting formula fortified with specifically targeted enzymes combined with fast-acting detergents and solvents.  Disperses spills on contact, rendering the material inert.  Rapidly binds to fuels, oils, and greases, emulsifying them and cleaning them from all types of flooring, metal parts, electrical equipment, motors, and other components.  After cleaning any surface, there is no slippery residue and the bacteria in remaining solution will continue breaking down oil and grease downstream from the application point. Unique separation technology accelerates the separation of oil and grease from wastewater thereby improving the product's wastewater characteristics.

  • Citrus scented and encapsulates vapors and odors on contact
  • Applied liberally at 3% to 6% dilution with water over emergency spills
  • Contains over 200 billion enzyme-producing, non-pathogenic bacteria per gallon
  • Moderate foaming and compatible with in-line eductors, pressure cleaning equipment, and automatic floor scrubbing machines
  • Multiple strains provide residual cleaning on surfaces to digest embedded soils without producing odors
  • USDA C1
Item Designations:
Momar's Enviropact - Our promise to human health and a better environment.    Meets Former USDA Guidelines