Hyper-Concentrated Liquid Chlorine Bleaching Additive

LIQUID CHLORINE - Hyper-Concentrated Liquid Chlorine Bleaching Additive
Item Designations:
Meets Former USDA Guidelines Kosher-approved

The most concentrated form of chlorine available in a stabilized liquid form.  Excellent for bleaching concrete, tile, grout, brick, mortar, tubs, sinks, and toilets.  Provides odor control in drains, grease traps, wastewater, collection basins, gray water, and other effluents.  Perfect for laundry bleaching applications with white cottons, linens, and most synthetics to remove odors, body soils, proteins, and organic stains.  Great for destaining silverware, dishes, and warewash prior to manual cleaning or machine cleaning.

  • 3-5 times more concentrated than store-brand bleach
  • Perfect for removing stains caused by black, brown, green, and pink algae and mildew
  • Use on restroom tiles, shower stalls, locker room walls, floors, shower curtains, and even painted surfaces
  • Optimal laundry dosage:  4-8 ounces per 100-pounds of laundry at 140°-160°F with a wash cycle pH of 10.5 - 10.8
  • Optimal odor control dosage:  use straight for bad odors or dilute as much as 1:50 for mild odors, spray, submerge, or drip feed as needed
  • Optimal warewash dosage:  1 ounce per 5 gallons provides 200ppm of chlorine, soak for 30-60 minutes

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