Dual Pivot Point Pliers with Extended Reach

Today’s machinery designs are compact and more efficient, making access for repairs difficult to achieve without the right tools. Super Cross Pliers utilize dual-pivoting points to deliver an extra-long reach and a powerful grip. Perfect for working screws, washers, nuts, hoses, tubes, clamps, low voltage electrical terminal connections, and more.


  • Dual-pivoting points minimizes handle opening and maximizes jaw opening while maintaining a slender profile
  • Pistol grip stabilizes tool control for a steady approach when reaching and gripping obscure points of engagement
  • Straight handles facilitate fastener (rotational) removal in hard-to-reach locations
  • Forged, quenched, and tempered chrome-vanadium tool steel for optimum toughness and strength
  • Finished with a fine and uniform satin finish
  • Rubber sleeved handles provide a slip-resistant grip
  • Ergonomic design: reduces repetitive motions, awkward positions, and use of excessive force


Needle Nose (Straight Nose and 45° Bent Nose) - Electrical terminals; hose and tube pinching; aligning sheet metal screw holes; retrieval of dropped components in confined spaces

Bull (Flat) Nose Pliers - Electrical terminals; hose and tube pinching; aligning sheet metal screws

Ring-Nose Styles - Spark plug wire boots, hose clamps, hose tube barbed connections

Wire Cutting Pliers - Cuts automotive (low volt) wire, hose/tube, and 3/32”


Item Designations: