Sweep Ratcheting System
  • Heavy-duty solid bar textured matte finish chrome-vanadium steel construction provides strength and corrosion resistance
  • Matte finish provides for easy identification and aids in slip resistance
  • Dual pawl 168 tooth 2.1° sweep (1/8" handle travel distance between clicks/ tooth engagements) allows for assembly and disassembly to be achieved in tight, confined, crowded, and compact applications
  • Push button, quick release feature on ratchet head allows for smooth rapid addition or removal of extensions and sockets
  • Locking pin on drive anvil assures the user that the extension or socket will not fall off
  • Recessed forward/ reverse lever on ratchet head allows for easy access, avoids work zone, and allows user to switch between forward and reverse simply with their thumb without taking their hand off the ratchet
  • Torque values meet/ exceed DIN/ANSI by 130%
  • 440 chrome-moly, 50-52 HRc (Rockwell Hardness)
  • The knurled black oxide speed ring collar atop the ratchet head allows the user to incorporate rapid single hand assembly prior to torqueing when there is no resistance
  • The speed ring also allows rapid single hand disassembly once there is no longer any resistance on the fastener or nut
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