State of the Art Universal Filter Wrench

Universally fits traditional spin-off canister style oil filters with diameters from 2-5/16” (60MM) thru 3-5/8” (93MM)

  • Contractile/Retractable Jaw feature allows for a fast and easy access and removal of oil filters in tight confined spaces
  • Patented design allows the user to go straight to the filter as opposed to working off to the side
  • No guessing or searching for multiple filter wrenches • No need for filter straps or handles for leverage
  • Operates with a 3/8” Drive Ratchet which provides the torque . Teaming it up with any single or multiple lengths of 3/8” Drive Extensions , allows the user to directly and easily access areas which traditionally require additional disassembly to reach
  • Built-in “Captured Spring “ allows for smooth, quick retraction and gripping power
  • Long 1-1/8” Cupped Claws provide perfect alignment and grip
Item Designations: