Heavy-Duty, High-Foaming, Liquid Alkaline Cleaner

DustNot Alkaline is a heavy-duty, high-foaming, liquid alkaline cleaner that produces a low-moisture foam. It leaves no white, chalky alkaline residue. Safe on most aluminum, galvanized metal, and painted surfaces. Built-in water softeners ensure performance even when diluted with hard water. DustNot Alkaline is made with biodegradable detergents.

  • Doesn’t cake or clog lines the way powders do
  • Strong enough to strip paint at high-concentrations
  • Doesn’t attack rubber or plastic the way solvents do
  • For use on exterior surfaces such as concrete, brick, and stone
  • Effective on the toughest soils such as grease, fat, blood, and soot
  • Compatible with most industrial-grade steam generators and pressure washers
  • For use on industrial surfaces such as motors, transmissions, engines, trailers, and other equipment
  • For use on food processing surfaces such as floors, walls, equipment, smokehouses, ovens, vats, and other equipment
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