Air Operated Portable Foamer

The Foam-iT Portable Foam Unit is a complete, portable foaming system designed to apply ready-to-use solutions as a foam using only compressed air.  No electricity or water pressure needed, it is designed to go with you from one cleaning station to another. Simply fill the tank with premixed chemical, connect the system to an air supply line, and the system is ready to be used.  Perfect for food processing plants, transportation, industrial cleaning, and agricultural use.

  • Covers up to 125 square-feet per minute, 3400 square-feet per tankful
  • A member of Momar's Foam & Force Team - "The Team That Cleans"
  • Draw any pre-mixed chemical solution from the built-in 20-gallon HDPE container
  • Rugged, yet exceptionally light-weight cart is molded from polypropylene for life-time chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Non-marking wheels
  • Perfect for applying high foaming products like CoalTrol F430, DustNot F430, DustNot F40, DustNot F80, DustNot A1, 150 Plus Complete, Purple Heat, Green Heat, Regency, and Destroyer to industrial surfaces for cleaning and degreasing
  • 7 GPM (26.5LPM) air-operated, double-diaphragm pump made of Kalrez seals
  • Dispenses a rich lather of foam at 45 GPM (216 LPM) with a projection distance of up to 30 feet (9 meters)
  • Compatible with acids, alkalines, soaps, alcohols, chlorinated cleaners, d' Limonene, hydrocarbons, and ketones
  • Dryness and wetness of foam can be adjusted with a turn of a knob
  • 30-foot (9-meter) reinforced hose with 3/4" I.D. foam wand and stainless steel ball valve
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