Hose-Output, Air-Powered Chemical Foamer System

A complete foaming system designed to apply ready-to-use chemicals as a foam using only compressed air.  No electricity or water pressure required.  High-powered adjustable regulator shoots foam as high as 60-feet and as far as 90-feet.  Lockable stainless steel enclosure is rugged and tamper resistant.  All air adjustments are inside enclosure.  Includes 50-foot hose with stainless steel ball valve, polypropylene wand, and zero degree nozzle.  Powered by a polypropylene air pump with Santoprene® diaphragm (Teflon® optional).

  • Cover larger areas and taller walls/objects quickly and efficiently
  • Ideal for use anywhere there is low or fluctuating water pressure
  • Draw any pre-mixed chemical solution from any sized container
  • Perfect for use with Momar's 150 Plus Complete, Purple Heat Ready-To-Use, Bio-Electrolyte Cleaner, Spray Away, Hurricane, and other ready-to-use, foaming cleaners, descalers, and degreasers
  • Suitable for use with Momar's concentrated foaming solutions like Destroyer, Regency, DustNot 430, DustNot F430, DustNot A1, CleanTrol F1, CleanTrol F-Citrus, Foaming Acid Cleaner, Commander, etc. after they are diluted with water
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