Synthetic Dust Control Agent - High Viscosity

DustAid coatings are designed to control dust throughout the manufacturing, transportation, and application processes. DustAid coatings are best applied immediately after manufacturing, prior to storage, packaging, or loading. Provides dust control of friable materials on conveyors, transfers, and chutes as well as during transit by rail, truck, or barge. Extended performance improves end-user experience by controlling dust for the life of the material. By controlling dust, DustAid coatings reduce explosion potential, improve facility hygiene, reduce worker exposure to toxins, increase production yields, and enhance material integrity and quality, increasing the marketability of treated materials.



  • Environmentally responsible – food-grade, petroleum-free, VOC-free, metal-free, and biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous – non-flammable, non-corrosive, and contains no toxic compounds
  • Versatile – great for NPK, AN, AS, Urea, Potash, Phosphates, Biosolids, Wood, Sawdust, and Micronutrients
  • Effective – controls dust emissions up to 99% for extended periods
  • Unique – non-evaporative, non-leaching, and non-crust-forming
  • Synplicity Technology – 100% pure synthetic, clear, colorless, odorless, and UV-resistant
  • User-friendly – compatible with all spray equipment, doesn’t require heating, and can be applied in freezing conditions as low as 10°F.
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