Paraffin Wax with Anticaking Agent

DustAid coatings are designed to control dust throughout the manufacturing, transportation, and application processes. DustAid coatings are best applied immediately after manufacturing, prior to storage, packaging, or loading. Provides dust control of friable materials on conveyors, transfers, and chutes as well as during transit by rail, truck, or barge. Extended performance improves end-user experience by controlling dust for the life of the material. By controlling dust, DustAid coatings reduce explosion potential, improve facility hygiene, reduce worker exposure to toxins, increase production yields, and enhance material integrity and quality, increasing the marketability of treated materials.



  • Custom formulated to desired melting points between 100 – 200 °F
  • Allows for a slower, controlled nutrient release into the soil to provide uniform plant nutrition , improving crop yield while limiting nutrient leaching and run-off
  • Non-evaporative, non-leaching, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and readily biodegradable
  • Provides moisture protection to granular materials during manufacturing and storage
  • Reduces erosive friction between granules during transport, loading, and unloading to maintain quality
  • Great for use on high-nitrogen fertilizers such as NPK, AN, AS, and Urea prills or granules
  • Improves flowability by reducing pile set and caking to safely increase efficiency in loading, unloading, blending, and consumer applications.
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