Water-Resistant Anticaking Agent

Cake Brake products are formulated to provide long-lasting anti-caking. By altering the interfacial surface tension between treated granules, Cake Brake inhibits crystallization and adhesion between surfaces. Retards pile set and bag set during storage and transportation. Improves marketability by ensuring a free-flowing, non-clumping/caking material. Provides a moderate level of short-term dust control. For use on urea, AN, AS, NPK, MAP, DAP, TSP, and sulfur fertilizers.




  • Water-resistant coating for high-nitrogen or sulfur fertilizers such as NPK, AN, AS, SCU, and PCSCU
  • Formulated with carrier agents to help evenly coat and disperse within powder and granular fertilizer blends
  • Fortified with a cationic surfactant with a high-affinity for fertilizers to form a protectant barrier against moisture gain
  • Inhibits corrosion caused by salts, acids, and alkalis, minimizing damage to metal surfaces
  • Disperses static charge, which improves material flow while reducing dust, especially in fertilizer, limestone, and gypsum blends
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