Bio-based binding agent

MicroBind Natural L is an OMRI listed, bio-based binding agent. MicroBind additives exceed durability and solubility performance requirements for micronutrient fertilizer blends. Natural dispersant activity ensures even distribution of micronutrients on macronutrient fertilizer surfaces, producing higher crop yields. MicroBind solutions are designed to be applied at any point of the manufacturing, transportation, or distribution process, giving fertilizer manufacturers, blenders, and terminals the flexibility of when, where, and how they add customer-specified micronutrients.

Designed for use in pan granulation, prill formation, or spray-dried granules to boost crush strength and reduce dust formation without compromising nutrient release for NPK blends, AN, AS, Urea, Potash, Phosphates, Sulfurs, Biosolids, Micronutrients, Limestone, Gypsum, Salts, DAP, MAP, GTSP, SOP, KNO3, KCI and other agricultural solids.


  • OMRI listed for organic use as a chelating agent or dust suppressant
  • Formulated to increase adsorption of water soluble micronutrients
  • Provides a source of added organic carbon and soluble sulfur
  • All-Natural, Nonphytotoxic, Low Solution Viscosity
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