All-Purpose Cutter
  • Polished surgical-grade, stainless steel blade permanently embedded in a custom injection molded handle providing superior strength and added safety 
  • The safest, sharpest and most versatile all-purpose cutting tool on the market 
  • Built-in index finger slot with a permanent safety stop, along with a custom ribbed handle, help prevent finger/hand slippage 
  • Colorful handle stands out in any workplace for easy identification 
  • Light and easy to carry all fay weighing less than 1oz 
  • Transparent and viewable polupropylene multi-purpose safety cap with built-in safety latch provides additional pretection while keeping the cutting edge secure and covered while not in use 
  • Use for cutting and/ or removing rope, O-ring material, gaskets, gasket material, paper, cardboard, boxes, silicone, paint, varnish, packing material, and tape 
  • Also can be used for hunting fishing, camping, crafts, and gardening 
  • The perfect all-purpose, every day solution, utility knife for: general maintenance personnel; electricians, welders, carpenters; bio-med technicians; instrument and control technicians; marine, auto, truck and diesel mechanics; painters, landscapers, gardeners; cleaning personnel; machinists; HVAC mechanics; sheet metal workers; window and door installers; shipping and receiving personnel; and many more 
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