1% Fluorine Free Aqueous Film Forming Foam Concentrate

Phos-Chek® 1% AFFF Fluorine Free is a 1% fluorine free foam concentrate that is a mixture of water and hydrocarbon surfactants. This organohalogen free foam is an environmentally responsible next generation product for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuels that have low water solubility. Phos-Chek 1% Fluorine Free is a very capable wetting agent and can also be used on Class A fires. 1% Fluorine Free contains no hazardous materials, is non-corrosive, non-toxic, readily biodegradable and has no flash point. It does not contain PFAS chemicals including, but not limited to, PFOS or PFOA, which are fluorinated surfactants used in Class B foam concentrates.

Phos-Chek 1% Fluorine Free may be used with:

  • Low expansion foam equipment (nozzle, monitors, foam chambers, etc.)
  • Non-aspirating devices (water spray nozzles and standard sprinklers)
  • Medium expansion foam devices and Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)
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