Bioenzymatic Odor Eliminator

Enza Bac uses enzymes to counteract organic malodors stemming from animal waste, body odors, urine, and fecal matter while leaving behind a fresh fragrance. This formulation works by digesting organic wastes to eliminate them along with the malodors that they produce. Can be used in kitchens, trash bins, restrooms, schools, clinics, and floor drains to treat all water-safe surfaces.

  • Aerosol features and inverted spray valve for quick and easy application 
  • Excellent in drains, sinks, toilets, and urinals
  • Excellent for laundry prespotting and carpet spot removal
  • Excellent for car, truck, bus, and airplane upholstery cleaning & deodorizing
  • Excellent in restrooms to remove odors and uric acid stains in urinals, tiles, and grout
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