Multi-Purpose Wipes Compatible with many Momar Liquid Solutions

Dry, untreated wipes in canisters.  Fill the container with one of the approved Momar liquid solutions to create your own wet wipes.  Designed for a variety of cleaning, descaling, degreasing, polishing, and lubricating applications. High-quality, highly durable, highly absorbent wipes are compatible with water and oil-based products.  Momar chemists have tested and approved a variety of Momar liquid solutions for use with these wipe canisters.  Each approved solution has a pre-determined optimal fill volume per canister as well as a suggested shelf-life based on extensive testing performed in Momar's laboratory.  OSHA Compliant canister labels available for all approved products and labels will include fill instructions, application directions, shelf-life, and safety information.

  • Wipes reduce cross contamination on hard surfaces compared to cloth rags, mops, and cleaning pads
  • Resealable canisters keep wipes moist
  • Textured, non-abrasive, low-lint
  • Excellent tear-strength
  • 160 wipes per canister
  • 6" x 7" wipe size
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