Magnetic Sensor Activated Spray Applicator for Drive-Though Arch

Magnetic sensor activated, time delayed, asphalt release applicator that mounts to a user-supplied drive-through arch for spraying truck beds. This system uses a rugged Sandpiper air-operated, double-diaphragm pump to draw chemical concentrate and water from separate static tanks and blend them "on-the-fly" throughan adjustable metering manifold to create a diluted solution. When a truck comes into range of the magnetic sensor, the system activates and a delay timer allows the driver to position the truck under the nozzle before spraying begins. 

  • Available with optional retro-fit heater assembly 
  • Spraying stops when the driver leaves the area or time expires
  • Achieves a wide range of dilution ratios using a metering manifold
  • Evenly coats the truck bed in just seconds, reducing run-off and chemical waste
  • Chemical resistant wetted components ensure years of outstainding performance with miinimal maintenance
  • The driver remains in his cab and avoids the risk of slip-and-fall injury and chemical waste injury and chemical waste
  • Great for asphalt release applications with StickNot products, SS Mold-Cote products, Purple Heat Concentrate, Agri-Sol, Grrreat products, and other asphalt releases
  • Great for odor control applications on trash trucks and roll-offs with Mountain Fresh, Vanillas In The Mist, How 'Bout Them Berries, and other odor control solutions
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