Rust controller converts destructive rust into an attractive, black, surface-protecting coating.  Eliminates sandblasting, noisy grinders, and dusty scrapings.  Applied by brushing, rolling, spraying, or dipping.  Chemically neutralizes rust on metal surfaces.  Seals, prolongs, and protects the life of ferrous metal.  Excellent for use on railings, fences/gates, bridges, towers, vehicles, marine equipment, structures, metal roofs, tanks, guard rails, playground equipment, farm tools, and many other rusted surfaces. 

  • Can be painted over
  • 200-400 square feet per gallon
  • For use on all rusty steel surfaces
  • Withstands temperatures up to 200°F
  • Prevents renewed rusting for 3-5 years
  • No dangerous acids or smelly primers

12 wooden handled brushes shipped with each dozen of 21 oz. bottles.  Additional wooden brushes may also be ordered.

For an aerosol version, try Black Jack Aerosol.

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