Siphon-Style, All-Plastic Drum Pump for 20, 35, and 55-Gallon Drums

100% heavy-duty polyethylene construction (pump, tubing, piston).  Chemical-resistant for use with acids, bases, detergents, herbicides, and pesticides.  Not for use with aggressive solvents.  Designed for dispensing water-based products from 20, 35, and 55 gallon containers.  Easily attaches to the standard 2" NPT bung on most metal and plastic drums.  Screw valve allows user to stop siphon and adjust siphon speed.

  • Solid shaft can be cut to fit smaller containers
  • Provides a continuous flow of product at up to 5 GPM
  • Max temp 140°F, max viscosity 500 SUS
  • Inlet tube: 1" O.D. x 34"L
  • Outlet tube:  3/4" O.D. x 54"L
  • Suction tube size:  7/8" O.D.
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