Polymer-Fortified Carpet Spotter, Extractor, and Shampoo

Industrial strength, concentrated, polymer-fortified carpet spotter, extractor, and shampoo. Formulated with anti-resoiling polymer technology to remove spots and stains on carpets and upholstery. Great on all types of stains, especially red stains such as iodine, blood, Kool-Aid® and ketchup. Unique polymer/surfactant detergent system encapsulates soils into a dry, crystalline residue which enhances soil pick-up during vacuuming.

  • Biodegradable and phosphate free
  • Contains deodorizers and odor neutralizes
  • Compatible with all extractors, bonnets, and shampoo machines
  • Compatible with carpet manufacturer’s stain resistant coatings
  • Color coded for the Momar MixMaster System

Remember to see Oomph 4X Concentrate in the Greenaction product line.

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