Clear Rubber Protective Coating

Waterproof, non-conductive, spray-on coating. Formulated with a clear elastomeric rubber compound that protects surfaces from the moisture that causes rust and corrosion.

Numerous versatile uses:

Electrical applications: circuit boards, motor connections, outdoor lighting, phone and cable circuits, security systems, ignition wiring, TV connections, switches, batteries, sprinkler wiring, electrical panels, antenna wiring, almost any type of electrical connection that needs protection from the elements

Marine applications: pool electrical systems, sprinkler wiring, engine compartments, nuts and bolts, pool motors and timers, water valves and connections, antenna connections, circuit boards, motor connections, outdoor lighting, and more

Maintenance applications: A/C condensate pans, chains, farm machinery, valves, dies, tools, auto frames and wheel well undercoating, spreaders, tanks, motors, nuts and bolts, parts in storage or transit, equipment, electrical connections, circuit boards, switches, brass railing, batteries, outdoor lighting, winches and railings, air ducts, exposed metal and wood, building wall cracks, rain gutters, slide bars, conveyors, almost any surface needing protection

  • Dries in 5 minutes
  • Coverage rate is 60 square feet per can
  • Cured temperature range from -30ºF to +200ºF
  • Because it is clear, it allows easy visual inspection of wires
  • Non-conductive -- dielectric strength of 300 volts for 4 mil coating
  • Strong and flexible -- tensile strength of 2500 psi, hardness shore of 70A
  • Provides a transparent film that is impervious to humidity, salt, and other harmful elements
  • Net Weight: 12.5 oz.
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