Hyper-concentrated high-alkaline degreaser.  For use on exterior surfaces such as concrete, brick, and stone.  For use on industrial surfaces such as motors, transmissions, engines, trailers, and other equipment.  Great in food plants for smokehouse cleaning and to remove the toughest soils such as grease, fat, blood, and soot.  Strong enough to strip paint at high-concentrations.  Compatible with most industrial-grade steam generators and pressure washers.  Doesn't attack rubber or plastic the way solvents do.  Doesn't cake or clog lines the way powders do.  Built-in water softeners ensure performance even when diluted with hard water.

  • Controlled foaming for enhanced penetration and longer contact time
  • Safe on most aluminum, galvanized metal, and painted surfaces
  • Contains biodegradable surfactants and emulsifiers
  • Dilutes as much as 1:256 for power-washing
  • Dilutes as much as 1:128 for steam cleaning
  • Dilutes as much as 1:8 for heavy-duty uses
  • USDA A2
  • Kosher Certified 
Item Designations:
Meets Former USDA Guidelines    Kosher-approved   

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