High Foaming, Ultra-Low Moisture Dust Control Additive, Water-Extender

Foamable product containing wetting agents used to control dust in the unloading, transfer, and storage of limestone, coal, flyash, iron ore, sulfur, and other friable materials.  High-expansion foam provides maximum coverage with minimal moisture addition in order to reduce BTU loss when treating coal and in order to reduce binding of fines when applied to limestone and other materials prone to caking.  Also excellent as a water-extender in road dust control applications.

  • Kosher Certified
  • Non-corrosive, biodegradable, chloride-free, and phosphate-free
  • For use on conveyors, transfer belts, booms, chutes, and feed lines
  • Dilutes 1:100 - 1:400 and applied at 0.3 - 0.7 gallons of solution per ton, typically
  • Long-lasting foam reduces the number of application points required to control dust problems
  • Super wetting chemistry binds fines to larger particles, reducing fugitive dust at the application point and downstream at the point of storage
  • Excellent wetting agent, soil humectant, and water-extender for road dust control programs at dilution rates of up to 1:1000:  reduces water usage by 50%, increases coverage area of each truckload of water, extends duration of dust control, and improves the penetration of water into the roadbed which reduces evaporation
Item Designations:
Momar's Enviropact - Our promise to human health and a better environment.    Kosher-approved