Hand Sanitizing & Surface Sanitizing-Disinfecting Station

Black stainless steel hand sanitizing station stand designed for placement in high-traffic locations. Perfect for use in any facility that promotes cleanliness and good hygiene among employees and visitors. Ideal for: lobbies, cafeterias, reception areas, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, school hallways, stadiums, playgrounds, airports, and other places where germs spread.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly visible signage available
  • Suitable for any dispensers that are normally mounted to walls
  • Easy-To-Use -- allows employees and visitors easy access to hand sanitizing
  • Includes built-in shield that goes beneath dispenser to keep surrounding areas clean
  • Encourages cleanliness -- helps promote cleanliness in all areas of the business facility
  • Compact -- narrow, unobtrusive based station fits in corners and along walls without obstructing walking areas
  • Compatible with all Momar dispensers (i.e. liquid soap, gel sanitizer, foam soap, foam sanitizer, and spray sanitizer)
  • Designed for Momar's 99+, Han-I-Foam, Han-I-Wipes, Redeem, Han-I-Size Gel, Han-I-Size Spray E3, and other hand sanitizers
  • Also great for disinfectant wipes like Wipe Out as well as sanitizer wipes like First Mate Wipes
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