Color Coding System For Your Oil Room

Prevent oil contamination by using the Lubest Color Code System.

  • Keep your oil room clean
  • Keep your oil room organized
  • Ensure that the correct oil is being used

Colors available (with and without a stripe):  Red, White, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Dark Green

Shapes available:  Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Diamond

Large Wall Label:  11" x 17", laminated, full-color

Regular Wall Label:  8.5" x 11", laminated, full-color

Redular Machine Label:  Four 2" x 2", crack-n-peel vinyl labels, 4 per 8.5" x 11" sheet

Tips:  Let the customer decide the final colors to use.  When placing an order with customer service, indicate the color and/or shape to spray on the top of the drum for each product.  Sales Person is responsible for maintaining color-coding assignments for each account and for color-coding all applicable equipment and related areas.

Item Designations: