High-expansion foam provides maximum coverage with minimal moisture addition, significantly reducing water consumption.  Fortified with Flame Freeze Anti-Oxidant Spontaneous Combustion Inhibitor.  Produces a dust-encapsulating foam that is ideal for a variety of applications including foam cleaning, shredder boxes, transfer houses, grinding and polishing operations, sifting, screening, and other areas where dusts are created.  The low-moisture foam properties reduce the risk of shorting out electrical components during on-line facility cleaning applications.  Unique cationic surfactant chemistry attracts negatively charged dust particles, improving cleaning and dust reduction compared to conventional nonionic and anionic chemistries.

  • Non-corrosive, neutral pH, and environmentally-friendly
  • Super wetting chemistry binds dust fines together, reducing fugitive dust emissions
  • Dilutes up to 1:400 with hard and soft water and can be used in most air-driven foam machines
  • Perfect for removing dusts from walls and equipment as well as from floors, ducts, pipes, hoods, ledges, beams, and other horizontal surfaces
  • For use on carbonaceous dusts such as coal, lignite, cellulose, and petroleum coke as well as chemical dusts, agricultural dusts, metal dusts, and plastic dusts
  • Anti-static properties dissipate electrostatic energy on treated surfaces and anti-oxidant properties scavenge free radicals to help prevent the conditions that lead to explosions in combustible dust areas
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