High Foaming Degreaser and Soil Encapsulation Concentrate for Combustible Dust

Super high-expansion foam provides maximum coverage with minimal moisture addition, significantly reducing water consumption.  Fortified with Flame Freeze Anti-Oxidant Spontaneous Combustion Inhibitor. High foaming concentrate is designed to clean and encapsulate combustible dust.  Perfect for removing sticky and greasy soils and dusts from walls and equipment as well as from floors, ducts, pipes, hoods, ledges, beams, and other horizontal surfaces.  Anti-Static properties dissipate electrostatic energy on treated surfaces.  Anti-oxidant properties scavenge free radicals to help prevent conditions that can lead to explosions in dust areas.

  • Non-corrosive, mildly alkaline, and environmentally-friendly
  • Super wetting chemistry encapsulates fines and soils, reducing fugitive dust emissions
  • Dilutes up to 1:128 with hard and soft water and can be used in most air-driven foam machines
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