Battery Operated Peristaltic programmable Dosing Pump

The Hydro #1170 AutoDose Automatic Dispensing System is a battery-powered, bucket-mount peristaltic pumping dispenser that runs automatically at preset times as programmed with an electronic timer/control. Product operates reliably and consistently, even in demanding environments.

  • Corrosion resistant cabinet fitted to pail for demanding environments
  • Easy to program timer with pin lockout for security
  • During normal operation, the timer runs on the same power source as the pump, simplifying system maintenance (only one set of batteries to replace)
  • Internal backup battery in timer maintains program even when main power source is disconnected or inoperative
  • Automatic battery-life monitoring technology ensures dosing accuracy throughout life of battery
  • No tools required for maintenance of pump assembly
  • Low battery indicator 
  • Compatible with the Misting Nozzle for spraying deodorizers, insect control, biocides, and other products as a spray or mist
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