Peristaltic Programmable Chemical Metering Pumps

These automatic chemical dosing systems utilize peristaltic pumps that deliver 14 ounces per minute. There are three models: a Plug-In Misting Pump that comes with an adjustable brass spray nozzle (110V), a Plug-In Dosing Pump (110V), and a Battery-Powered Dosing Pump (12V, 8 x D-cell batteries not included).  All three can be wall-mounted with included hardware.  Alternatively, all three can be mounted onto a round pail or a square pail or a 5-gallon hedpack using the optional mounting bracket.  All three are able to be programmed to run automatically at preset times through the built-in, easy-to-program electronic timer/control.

  • Recommended for automatic dosing of Momar drain care, lift station maintenance, and grease trap maintenance solutions such as Drain Ox, Gobble Up, Passage Liquid, 8-Alive, and many others
  • Recommended for spraying odor control (i.e. Mountain Fresh, Garden Par-Tea, Zyme Attack), insect control (Jump Shot), biocides (12600), and other solutions as a spray or mist
  • Corrosion resistant cabinet and moisture resistant construction holds up well in demanding environments like kitchens, food processing areas, lift stations, etc.
  • Comes with standard silicone squeeze tube, but optional Viton tubing is available whenever solvent products (Grreat Grape, Agri-Sol) are being dispensed
  • Automatic battery-life monitoring technology ensures dosing accuracy throughout life of battery and provides a low-battery life warning
  • Programmable 7-day, 24-hour digital clock stores and runs 24 separate events with variable run times from 4 seconds to 11 minutes
  • An injection fitting is provided and can be screwed into a threaded 1/4 inch hole tapped into the drain pipe if desired
  • Internal coin backup battery maintains programming even when main power supply is disconnected or inoperative
  • Dispenses 14 ounces per minute (2 minutes dispenses approximately 28 ounces)
  • 15-feet of 1/4-inch chemical resistant LDPE tubing included
  • Customizable password protected and tamper resistant
  • No tools required for maintenance of pump assembly
  • 1-Year manufacturer's warranty
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