Battery Operated Peristaltic Programmable Dosing Pump

This automatic chemical dosing pump is powered by 8 x D-Cell batteries (Duracell Procell brand recommended).  Utilizes a peristaltic pump and can be wall-mounted easily with included hardware.  Able to be programmed to run automatically at preset times through the built-in, easy-to-program electronic timer/control. Operates reliably and consistently, even in demanding and wet environments.  Tamper resistant.  No tools required for maintenance of pump assembly.

  • Recommended for automatic dosing of Momar drain care, lift station maintenance, and grease trap maintenance solutions such as Drain Ox, Gobble Up, Passage Liquid, 8-Alive, and many others
  • Compatible with Momar Misting Nozzles for spraying odor control (i.e. Mountain Fresh, Zyme Attack), insect control (Jump Shot), biocides (12600), and other solutions as a spray or mist
  • Corrosion resistant cabinet and moisture resistant construction holds up well in demanding environments like kitchens, food processing areas, lift stations, etc.
  • Comes with standard silicone squeeze tube, but optional Viton tubing is available whenever solvent products (Grreat Grape, Agri-Sol) are being dispensed
  • Automatic battery-life monitoring technology ensures dosing accuracy throughout life of battery and provides a low-battery life warning
  • Programmable 7-day, 24-hour digital clock stores and runs 24 separate events with variable run times from 1 second to 20 minutes
  • A metal injection fitting is provided and can be screwed into a threaded 1/4 inch hole tapped into the drain pipe if desired
  • Internal coin backup battery maintains programming even when main power supply is disconnected or inoperative. This coin battery is accessable through the back panel by removing the four corner screws. The coin battery will located on the top left side. 
  • Dispenses 3.5 ounces per minute (9 minutes dispenses approximately 32 ounces)
  • 25-feet of 1/4-inch chemical resistant tubing included
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