Enzymatic Odor Neutralizer, Degassing Agent, and Wastewater Control

Hyper-concentrated odor control.  Triple-action blend masks odors with a strong vanilla fragrance while odor encapsulants lock up odors into an inert state and bacteria digest the waste and organic sources of the odor.  Effective against hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, thioethers, mercaptans, amines, acids, urine, animal waste, food waste, pet odors, and even cigarette smoke.

  • Destroys odors caused by organic waste and decomposition
  • Safe on all drainage systems, lagoons, and water treatment areas
  • Reduces waste surcharges by lowering COD, BOD, and TSS levels
  • Designed for applications where high-performance odor control is required
  • Provides flocculent properties and is compatible with other bacteria programs and flocculent programs
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