Solvent-Resistant Pressure Spray Tank With Viton Seals

3-Gallon pump-up sprayer. High density polyethylene tank, Viton® seals, and chemical-resistant fiberglass wand allow this pump-up sprayer to apply water-based and solvent-based chemicals.  Ideal for weed killers (One-Step, Edger, No Mow II, Round Up, etc.), insecticides (Jump Shot, Talstar, etc.), lubricants (RCL, Guardrail, Ivory-Sol, Safecracker, etc.), concrete sealers (Claro-Cote), paint strippers (Gypsy, Graffiti Monster), and release agents (SS Mold Cote, Form Free).

  • Translucent tank for liquid visibility
  • Locking trigger for continous spraying
  • Pressure release valve for added safety
  • 18" fiberglass spray wand
  • 48" chemical resistant, braided power sprayer style hose
  • Large, comfortable poly control valve with in-line filter
  • Flat fan and cone style nozzles
  • Locking pressure release valve
  • Viton seals for added chemical resistance
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