5-Gallon Poly Square Container and Optional Closures, Spigots, and Spouts

These handy 5-gallon containers make it easy to fill gallon jugs, quart bottles, SureShot sprayers, and other containers.  They are easy to move, stack, and store.  They have 1/2 gallon graduations marked on the containers.  And, because they are cube shaped, they can sit up on end or lay down on their side.  Molded carrying handle on top and finger recess on bottom for easy handling.

  • Standard 70mm closure accepts any 3/4" faucets and spigots (requires cutting or drilling before use, pre-drilled caps are available)
  • Available 70mm Rieke closure accepts the 5-gallon Ouncer Pump and/or allows user to pour in a more controlled manner from hedpacks into other containers (Rieke closure is resealable)
  • The small breather cap ships closed, but can be pre-drilled at Momar when shipping empty hedpacks upon request
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is chemical resistant to acids, caustics, detergents, emulsions, and most solvents
  • Available Large ¾” Faucet – standard spout for filling gallons and pump-up containers.  This large faucet offers a faster flow than the smaller spigot
  • Available Small ½” Long-Nosed Spigot - narrower spout for filling quart bottles and SureShot sprayers.  This smaller faucet fits into narrow openings

Hedpacks are perfect for filling any of Momar's many Fill-To-Order Kits (quart bottles):  Super Glass, Safe Cracker, Mountain Fresh, Neutra-Dis, First Mate, Jump Shot, etc.

Hedpacks are perfect for filling SureShot Sprayers:  Safe Cracker, BCS-5, Speedy Solv, C-Cide, etc.

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