Concentrated Carnauba Wax Emulsion

"Hot Wax" concentrate containing the highest levels of Carnauba Wax possible.  Provides a durable, water-repellent shine on paint, glass, and chrome surfaces.  Bonds and cures to vehicle surfaces to create a high luster shine.  Repeated applications improve shine, protection, durability, and performance.  Gentle polishing after application provides an even deeper shine and smoother finish.  

  • Reclaim compatible
  • Dilutes up to 1:400, typical is 1:200
  • Helps shed water, enhances drying
  • Non-flammable and phosphorus free
  • Protects paint from oxidation and dulling
  • Low odor, fragrance free, dye-free, 50-State VOC-Compliant
  • Designed to be applied in low and high pressure spray or foam applications
  • Contains only sanitary sewage acceptable surfactants and polymers, and will not cause reclaim mal-odors
  • Compatible with all ProFlex Dyes and Fragrances
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