8 Product Proportioning Dispenser

Converts economical concentrates into convenient ready-to-use solutions. Includes metering tips capable of producing dilution rates from as low as 0.29 (1:447) ounces per gallon to as high as 49 (1:2.6) ounces per gallon. Accommodates up to four products on the bottle-fill side at one gallon per minute and four products on the bucket-fill side at 3.5 gallons per minute. Model 35771 unit comes complete with 84-inches of supply tubing, 8 x foot valve assemblies and weights, discharge tubing for each eductor, metering tip kit, mounting anchor kit, and hose hook for the 3.5 GPM eductor.

  • New, expansive workspace to easily route tubes
  • Easy, tool-free maintenance
  • E-gap to satisfy regulatory standards
  • Each unit comes with tubing, mounting supplies, and color-coded labels
  • Color-coded for Momar's Greenaction concentrates - Brute, Dash, Envision, Green Heat, Hammer 64X, Lucent 20X,  Magnet 128X, Neutrox, Oomph 4X, Respond 3X, and Vigor
  • Color-coded for conventional Momar concentrates - Disappearing Act, First Mate, Purple Heat, Neutra-Dis, Neutra-Gold, Orange-2-O, PleaScent, Red Fantastic, and Super Glass

DO YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE A DILUTION RATE OF 1:447?  You may need Ultra Lean Metering Tips. Dilution rates up to 1:400 are achievable on the quart-fill side and 1:1175 on the gallon-fill side. 

MIXMASTER UNITS DO NOT INCLUDE A HOSE FOR CONNECTING THE UNIT TO A WATER SOURCE (i.e. a garden hose).  See the hoses available in the related products section of this page.

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